•      Learning Forward Mississippi, an affiliate of the national group, is a non-profit

    organization whose mission is to ensure that high-quality professional learning

    opportunities are available for educators. The national and state vision is “Excellent

    teaching and learning every day”. Professional learning must be ongoing, job-embedded,

    and results driven to be classified as high quality.


         Research has shown repeatedly that the most important factor in student learning is to

    have an effective teacher in the classroom, and the second most important factor is an

    effective school leader/principal. Educators need high-quality professional learning

    opportunities if they are to continue learning and developing new approaches to teaching

    a changing population of students. The Mississippi State Board of Education has adopted

    Learning Forward’s Standards for Professional Learning as part of the Mississippi Public

    School Accountability Standards.


         Learning Forward Mississippi’s mission is to build the capacity of administrator and

    teacher leaders to establish and sustain highly effective professional learning based on the

    state standards.