Sara Maghan

    Welcome to the new website of Learning Forward Mississippi.

    Learning Forward Mississippi is the only professional organization in the state that focuses solely on assisting educators refine their professional learning practices to ensure better results for students. All professional learning should be based on the seven standards of professional learning that were identified through research and evidence-based practice. The Standards for Professional Learning describe the characteristics of effective professional learning and are the foundation for improving educator and student learning. The standards serve as indicators that guide the learning, facilitation, implementation, and evaluation of student learning. Mississippi Accreditation Standard 15 requires schools and districts to implement professional learning plans based on the seven Learning Forward Standards of Professional Learning.

     Follow the link to Learning Forward’s website to find thousands of resources that can help you establish highly effective professional learning in your school or district. Many of the resources are available to nonmembers. The resources restricted to members are well worth the price of a membership; each school or district may want to have at least one person with a membership so that access to those resources are also available to them.


    Learning Forward’s Mission: Learning Forward builds the capacity of leaders to establish and maintain highly effective professional leaders. All leaders – teacher, school, and district – are included in this mission. When a school or district implements a cycle of continuous improvement with highly effective professional learning, the vision of “Excellent teaching and learning every day” will be achieved and will result in improved student results.


    Thanks to Amy Rogers, J. Bradley Brumfield, and Leanne Long for their work in developing this new website.